Is It Alright if Niederwerks Cuts In?

Our Pendleton & Hermiston, OR home painters won't disappoint

You're in a painting predicament. Years ago, you spent too much money on professional painting. Since then, you've gone off the color. Or maybe you recently bought a fixer-upper and haven't had time to fix it up. Regardless of your reason for hiring Niederwerks, we'll provide quality workmanship at the right cost. Allow our home painters to refurbish your Pendleton and Hermiston, OR area properties.

3 tips for choosing the right paint color every time

Typically, Niederwerks uses Sherwin Williams paint. We've found that it's more durable and ages better than other brands. Peruse your local Sherwin Williams store for your ideal shade, or call Niederwerks at541-310-0029. Our remodeling experts can offer tips like these to help you pick the perfect color:

  1. Buy a small sample pot before committing
  2. Test your paint on areas that receive natural light
  3. Consider your current furnishings and d├ęcor
Niederwerks wants you to feel more at home in your house. Contact us for your free home painting estimate.

Get The Job Done Right The First Time

Most companies spray as much exterior paint as they can, its fast, speedy and they are done quickly. Niederwerks is one of the few companies in Umatilla county that follows the instructions of both siding and paint companies and back roll the entire siding.

Simply spraying the siding lays the paint on the surface of the boards, allowing it to dry and trap millions of air pockets underneath. As paint ages, the resin bonding the pigments together weaken. On hot sunny days (which we get our fair share of!) that trapped air expands and causes premature failure of an entire paint job in the form of bubbles, cracks, peeling and chipping.

By backrolling our paint jobs we increase adhesion and force paint into the grain of the siding, forcing out all that extra air otherwise trapped into the texture. It is extra work but worth it as you can expect an extra 4-5 years of life out of our already durable paint job.

Can't you get that result by spraying alone? The "other guys" may claim to get the same results with just a sprayer, but back-rolled coats of paint will always have superior durability. The paint that is rubbed and mashed into all the crevices of the siding always has better adhesion than paint that is simply blown at the surface with a spray machine. The only exceptions to this is aluminum siding or metal surfaces where there is no real texture. We do not use backrolling in those cases.

Why use a sprayer at all you ask? It is efficient to deliver the paint from the bucket to the surface. That is it. The roller does the work of making it stick. So don't get sucked into some spray by night bid that's really cheap. It truly will be a flaky mess when its all said and done.

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